Said New Franchise Will Be… Something

This can only be good news, right? John Vignocchi, the new Executive Producer at Gearbox Publishing, tweeted yesterday about a new ‘tent-pole franchise’ coming from the company soon. No word whatsoever otherwise, but still! Surely the Borderlands crew will smash out another hit, right?

Top 10 Last Generation Bulletstorm

I mean yes, they did make Battleborn, but what about Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition? That was them, and it was great! The downside here being that a new franchise will not be Borderlands 3. On top of that, Vignocchi mentioned said franchise will “surprise and delight gamers of all ages.” So, definitely not another Borderlands game.


It’s worth noting that Vignocchi is also a former Disney VP. Perhaps this is the moment that Gearbox decides to branch out and make a new franchise to rival the old House of Mouse. Or maybe the company is just thirsting to spit up the next Minecraft/Fortnite/Pokemon hydra, a slithering eyeless beast that will soak up players from every demographic, building for its masters a mountain of gold to rival Mt. Everest. Once again, we have literally no other information aside from what Vignocchi tweeted out. How about that Borderlands 3 though, you guys? Maybe we get that game at some point?