Gears 5 Developer Talks Battle Royale

Though Gears 5 isn’t going to launch on September 10th with a battle royale mode, one of the game’s developers at The Coalition said in a recent GameSpot interview that it’s possible that the mode could be added post-launch.

Gears 5

“Gears 5 does not include a battle royale mode,” said the game’s multiplayer design director Ryan Cleven. “We have five great experiences in Gears 5 with Horde, Escape, Campaign, and our extensive list of Multiplayer versus modes, with the added customization of the new Map Builder.”

“We’re big fans of the battle royale genre, but we would want to ensure we bring a battle royale mode to Gears in a meaningful way,” he also said. “We’re actively listening to our Gears community and will look to further evolve our game modes based on player feedback post-launch.”

Battle royale is one of the most popular gaming genres right now, so it makes sense for The Coalition developer team to at least consider adding the mode to Gears 5.


Other relevant news: The upcoming Gears game is currently going through a multiplayer test that is available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers and people who pre-ordered the game through the Windows Store. More details about the multiplayer test can be read here.

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Gears 5 Devs Will Consider a Battle Royale Mode