Test Begins Tomorrow on July 19th

If you are chomping at the bit to get your hands on a taste of Gears of War 5 then look no further. Tomorrow will be the day that the Gears of War 5 multiplayer tests go live. Gamemodes like Escalation, Arcade, and King of the Hill will be front and center. These tests are, of course, in place to see how well these modes are received by the fanbase. But will also serve as a way to iron out any technical or performance issues the game might be facing. This beta of sorts is available for everyone who pre-ordered the game as well as those who are currently subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass both on the Xbox One and PC.

gears of war 4 top

You can download the beta early right now. However, you will not be able to start playing until 10 AM PT July 19th. Preloading the demo beforehand is always a good idea that way you won’t have to sit around and wait to play tomorrow. The size of the download is going to be roughly around 11 GB. So if you do not have space on your hard drive, now is the time to start deleting some things that you don’t need.

The beta is going to be short on content (obviously). There are only going to be the three game modes which were mentioned earlier along with two maps to play on. However, there are going to be opportunities to unlock a couple of weapon skins.


If you are unable to participate in the test tomorrow, don’t worry. There is going to be a second round of tests that are going to be arriving on July 26nd and last until July 29th.

This current test runs from July 19th until July 22nd. Have fun.