Here Are the Most Awesome Geek Gifts You Can Get

Winter is coming – and so is Christmas. So it’s almost about time to finish that list you made. You know, the one you made on your phone a month ago and then forgot about when Red Dead 2 came out? Don’t sweat it though fam – we’ve got everything you need right here, with toys and gadgets that will delight all the geeks and nerds in your family … or maybe even yourself. Check them out and thank us later!

  • Apple Air Pods – $249.99: These are a game-changer for any serious music listener – they detect when they’re in place and automatically connect to your device and begin playing. Plus they look uber-cool and stuff.
  • Oculus Go VR Headset – $179.00 ($20.00 Off): If you’ve been on the fence about VR, there’s no excuse anymore. Totally portable – just put it on, switch it on, and enjoy the littlest big screen around. Watch a movie, videos or one of over 1,000 games, and the price is definitely right.
  • Fitbit Versa Smartwatch – $169.92: This lightweight, swimproof smartwatch empowers you to reach health and fitness goals, get notifications, apps, phone-free music — all with 4+ day battery life. This little wonder does everything at a pretty cheap price.
  • Minecraft Color-Changing Potion Lamp – $13.99 ($12.00 Off): The Minecraft Potion Bottle lights up and switches between eight different colors: indigo, light blue, cyan, green, peach, yellow, red, and white. Tap it to move to the next color, and watch your geek friends drool with jealousy.


Geek Gifts

  • Qwerkywriter S Retro Typerwriter-Style USB Keyboard – $259.99: The typewriter-inspired mechanical keyboard that’s unmatched in its aesthetic design. It’s so cool that you’ll forget that it’s also got tons of professional features as well.
  • G.U.S. Multi-Device Compact Charging Station – $39.99: Consolidate charging with this sleek solution that holds 2 cell phones vertically, allowing messages to be read while charging. With built-in USB, there’s room for tablets, pads, and e-readers, all while taking up less space than the length of a pen.
  • Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Gardening Kit – $99.95Indoor garden all year long. Grow your favorite .. ahem … “herbs” all year long without worrying about weather conditions … or nosy neighbors! Just plant, refill the water reservoir, plug the device in, and you are good to go.
  • Retroduck Retro-Style TV Stand for iPhone – $50.00: Retroduck is a smartphone dock like no other. With one simple slide, it will instantly transform your smartphone into a stylish, retro-style television, allowing you to enjoy it like the good ol’ Radiation King you grew up with at home.

Cool geek gifts right? Hey, while you’re here, check out our other deals guides for console games and accessories. And stay tuned right here for more – the great deals just keep on coming at COGconnected!