The long wait for Generation 4 is finally over. After teasing the inclusion of Gen 4 last week, Niantic has revealed the first real details surrounding Pokémon first appearing in Diamond and Pearl.

Generation 4 will hit Pokémon Go in waves. The first wave hits today and includes the starter Pokémon Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup, as well as a few additional monsters. Niantic teases that even more Pokémon from Sinnoh will appear through wild encounters, egg hatches, and raid battles in subsequent weeks.

Niantic also shared the following teaser image, which potentially hints at additional Pokémon included in this wave. The myriad new evolutions for past-generation Pokémon do not appear to be included in this update.

Pokémon Go

You can see the Gen 4 trailer below.

Niantic also hints that Pokémon storage will be expanded in the future. For more on Pokémon Go, check out our updated guide here.

Gen 4 Arrives Today In Pokémon Go