Through Avalanche Studios’ 16-year history, it’s best known for two successful franchises. The first, the big and obvious one, is Just Cause. The second will come as a surprise for a lot of folks. It’s called theHunter — a realistic, first-person hunting simulation. It has a very niche-but-dedicated audience.

The next release in Avalanche’s arsenal is something of a merger between these two series. On March 26, Generation Zero will launch. It combines the tactical stealth-forward approach from theHunter with the emergent (and sometimes ridiculous) open world of Just Cause. It’s also very Red Dawn in its teenage guerrilla warfare and its ’80s tropes — except the kids are fighting robots rather than communists.

How we got here is a mystery. Generation Zero picks up as four young Swedish adults are returning from a trip to the country’s archipelago. Their boat is sunk and they’re thrust into some sort of dire robo-apocalypse. They sneak from house to house hoping to pick up supplies. They have to sneak because the robots are so rapaciously aggressive when they see any organic being.

Generation Zero is a brilliant mish-mash of all of Avalanche's other games screenshot

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Generation Zero is a brilliant mish-mash of all of Avalanche’s other games