Gamescom is one of the world’s largest trade fairs for video games and other interactive media. This year, attendance looks to reach upwards of half a million visitors. But if you’re not able to attend yourself, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the craziest sights from this year’s show floor.

“That plane is going to land on us and crush us all!” Is not something you want to say in a crowded room, but sometimes you have to learn the hard way

“Can someone help me? I dropped my keyblade on the floor somewhere around here.”

Fortnite had a model airplane too … oh crap, I think someone spotted me

People lined up at the Nintendo booth to play the new Star Fox game … haha ZING!

Sony was out in full force, advertising Spider-Man with his iconic catchphrase “Be Greater.” Ah, who will forget when those epic words came out of Uncle Ben’s mouth

People lined up at the Blizzard booth to play a game they could already play at home

I’m really looking forward to this new Sims expansion

That’s an impressive green thumb

Here he is, Mr. James Sekiro himself

I can’t wait for the third 6 game. (Don’t send me any email. It was a joke. I know this is really an ad for Tom Cranston’s Rambo Six

The Germans are actually an incredibly nice people

And what would an international games convention be without a stand advertising the Amazon Original programming Jack Ryan

Jack’s back baby!

A rogue animatronic popped out to shoot at people and I had just enough time to yell, “Watch out.” I took this picture instead

This probably sounds like a joke, but Euro Truck Simulator is one of the biggest things in Europe. People take time off work each time a new game comes out. European truck drivers actually use this software to practice for their big truck driving exams. When kids are asked what they want to do when they grow up in Europe they often say that they want to become a professional Euro Truck Simulator developer. But you probably think I’m still joking.

A skate ramp for some reason

I don’t know what this is. Someone told me it was a popular game in Europe. I think it might be another trucking simulator

Wait how did that get in here? My secret identity!!

Oh, that’s where I parked

The Vodafone booth was so deserted that this guy was able to pickpocket the mannequins

Oh $#!^

Don’t worry, I called some experts. And now it’s time for me to call it a night.

Get A Look At The Show Floor Insanity At Gamescom 2018