Blizzard has revealed new skins for D.Va and her Meka as well as other sprays and cosmetics as part of a Nano Cola Challenge, taking the name of D.Va’s very fictional drink with clearly no real world analogue. You can check out the trailer showing off the skins and sprays below.

For two of the sprays, an icon, and a skin, you’ll need to win a certain number of games. The sprays show D.Va as she appears in the game and the new skin has her sporting a ponytail versus her usual hair down and pinned back.

There’s also other sprays with the gremlin D.Va, everyone’s favorite super-deformed Mountain Dew Nano Cola-drinking pro-gamer. To get these, you need to link your Blizzard account to Twitch and watch a certain number of hours of streams being endorsed by Blizzard between August 28 (that’s today!) to September 10 (that’s a while from now!). You can find the full list of streams here.

You can catch D.Va’s animated short, the latest in the line of Overwatch’s CG shorts, right here both with and without commentary. You can also check out her newly-announced figma (with a new hat!) right here.


I don’t want to watch eight hours of streaming but I want those sprays. This is a conundrum.

Get New Skins In Overwatch For D.Va With Nano Cola Challenge