Also There’s a Sick New Trailer

Fans eager to get going with Ghost of Tsushima can now begin pre-loading the full game! The initial download is only around 35 GB, though that may change with any day one patches that drop upon release. Sucker Punch also dropped a delicious new trailer for the game, one that feels reminiscent of the old Samurai epics.

ghost of tsushima

The Japanese trailer in question is embedded below. Although the game is lip-synced for English, the Japanese voice track just feels right, you know? At least, you hardly even notice the discrepancy when watching the latest footage. Besides, a little mouth/voice discord is natural for an ocean-crossing story like this one. Also, the game still looks like a friggin’ delight, what with all the sword slashing and scenery appreciating.


While we don’t yet know how much the final product will resemble a Samurai film from a bygone era, the trailers so far have done an excellent job of capturing this elusive essence. Between the shouted declarations before battles, and the bloody bodies screaming to the ground, it all manages to feel pretty familiar, you know? Ghost of Tsushima is set for release on July 17th, 2020 for the PS4.


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Ghost of Tsushima Now Available for Pre-Loading

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