Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, Kyle Hilliard, and Javy Gwaltney talk about picking No Man’s Sky up again after a couple of years and what they think of the gameplay for No Man’s Sky Next from Hello Games. Then Suriel Vazquez joins the show to talk about the Mega Man X Legacy Collection and the delightful WarioWare Gold on the Nintendo 3DS. After some great community emails and a shocking appearance by Dan Tack, we’re joined by Edmund McMillen to talk about leaving Team Meat and Super Meat Boy behind for his work on Binding of Isaac: Four Souls.

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To jump to a particular point in the discussion, check out the time stamps below…

1:50 – No Man’s Sky Next
21:40 – Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2
34:40 –
 WarioWare Gold
49:05 – Community emails
1:39:50 – Edmund McMillen on Binding of Isaac: Four Souls

GI Show – No Man’s Sky Next, Mega Man X, Binding Of Isaac Interview