This Speedrun Event Will Include Several Popular Games

The Global Speedrun Association announced last Friday that it was going to host its first livestreamed speedrunning competition sometime in April 2019. The competition, which is officially named “PACE”, will include Super Mario Odyssey, Celeste, and Super Mario 64 as games that’ll be run. Also, speedrunner panels are planned to be hosted at PACE.

The location of the event and ticket info will be announced “in the coming weeks”, last week’s announcement stated.

Additionally, Celeste will have a so-called “Any%” category with a minimum prize pool of $5000 in the event and will have its own league starting in January, according to a Sunday announcement. The two Super Mario games in the competition will also have their own leagues.


All three games are pretty popular speedrunning games (especially Super Mario 64) and all of them still have active speedrunners chasing after faster and faster completion times.

As of writing, the current holder for the fastest “Any%” run of Celeste is 28 minutes and 48 seconds and this run was completed on December 11th, according to


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