So Many Excellent Soundtracks

If you’re like me, video game soundtracks are pure productivity fuel. There’s just something about those songs that encourages focus, you know? To that end, there’s now a lot more Capcom music soundtracks on Spotify. 61 of them, in fact! It’s truly a bountiful harvest of hot jams.

Mega Man Robot Masters TOP SCREEN capcom music

A quick glance through the new master lists reveals several new Mega Man albums, some new music from Street Fighter V, Ace Attorney, Darkstalkers, Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter. There’s even some B-side stuff, like a Monster Hunter Jazz album! And something from Mega Man involving Utopia and Dystopia? Color me intrigued.


Of course, they don’t have every single soundtrack on there. That would be entirely too awesome. Capcom has a rich history of utterly melting faces off with their game music. With this new library to peruse, this is the perfect time to expand your work and/or travel playlists. I guess this stuff would also be great for a very specific kind of party? The choice is yours!


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Gobs of Capcom Music Now on Spotify