We Came Close To A Very Different Release It Seems

Cory Barlog recently showed  off some God of War concept art that depicts Kratos and Atreus in the deserts of Egypt. It seems there were two different directions the game could have gone in, with Barlog acting as the tiebreaker decision.

God of War Concept Art Egypt

The most recent Devcom gave Barlog an opportunity to showcase the concept art in question, allowing us a brief glimpse at the God of War that might have been. While Kratos and his ass-kicking prowess seem perfectly at home in more or less any environment, somehow the dad beard just works better with the snowy mountains. Barlog also talked a bit about the pushback the team ran into during the development and testing phase.


Unsurprisingly, people weren’t always happy with this Kratos-as-dad concept. ‘This isn’t the God of War I grew up with!’ They angrily exclaimed, I assume. None of this was enough to put people off, however. In spite of these isolated misgivings, the latest God of War still became one of the fastest-selling PS4 exclusives in the console’s history. I don’t know whether the upcoming New Game Plus mode will boost sales, but it will definitely get people playing again.


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God Of War Concept Art Shows Off Discarded Egypt Theme