God of War is one of 2018’s best received games, with people praising the game’s portrayal of a father-son relationship between the stoic and pained Kratos and his growing son. A novelization of that story isn’t anything unexpected, but the choice of J.M. Barlog, God of War director Cory Barlog’s father, is definitely appropriate.

The senior Barlog is actually a fairly well-known author of young adult fiction, having written a number of fantasy and mystery books in his career. JM Barlog’s autobiography on his website talks about what got him into writing.

“A Chicago native, I served in the Air Force during Vietnam,” he writes. “That was when the writing bug took me. I started (with no success) writing short stories about things that interested me. Before long I was expanding into novels and exploring many different facets of life. I came to realize that stories were all around. All I had to do was be observant and let my imagination go where it wanted.”

Turns out one of those stories is the game his son wrote, as the two were able to collaborate on the God of War novelization. The Barlogs also teamed up on God of War II way back in 2006.

God of War is available on the PlayStation 4. You can read our review of the game here.

God of War Novelization Coming From Cory Barlog’s Father