A few weeks back, we found out that God of War’s novelization was actually being penned by game director Cory Barlog’s father, J.M. Barlog. Now we find out that the audiobook is also being kept in the family in a different way, with the audio version of the book being read by Alastair Duncan, the voice of Mimir.

Barlog and Sony Santa Monica tweeted out the announcement today.

Mimir, the smartest man alive, is carried around by Kratos through about half the game. The head regales you with tales of the world around you and mythology of the Norse pantheon Kratos finds himself embroiled in. This makes him a natural choice to read the novelization of the game.

Duncan has also voiced several other notable video game characters, like Nihlus (and the stubborn Turian council member) in Mass Effect, Celebrimbor from the Middle-earth games, and Senator Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising: Revengence. Nanonmachines, son.


Mimir’s dialogue was some of the best in the game, thanks in no small part to Duncan’s on-point delivery. I’m usually not one for video game novels, but this might be worth a listen.

God Of War’s Audiobook Will Be Read By Voice Of Mimir