No Coding Knowledge? No Problem.

Have you ever dreamed of building a video game but you don’t know how to code? Do you have amazing stories swirling within your mind with no way of bringing them into reality? Well now with the upcoming Google Game Builder, lack of coding knowledge is no longer an obstacle.

GDC 2019

Google Game Builder allows you to create 3D games by simply selecting a series of cards. These cards are dragged and dropped on the map, and work as the building blocks to making your dream game.

However, those with some level of tech savviness will still have an advantage. The existing application programming interface (API) has the option to use JavaScript to tweak the code. An API is a series of tools and definitions used to connect software.

Creators can call on friends to help build the game.  Additionally, there is the option to have your friends demo the game while you continue to labor over it. Players can even use 3D models from Google Poly to install more creativity into the game. Google Poly is a website that allows creators to share and access each other’s creations.

The prototype for Google Game Builder is free on Steam for PC and Mac. For more information, you can visit the Google Blog detailing the project.

Are you excited to build the game of your dreams? Do you already have any concepts for a great game? Let us know in the comment section below!