Part of what makes The Witcher III: Wild Hunt one of the best games of this generation is its stellar soundtrack, and CD Projekt Red is offering you the chance to download a full, live concert full of said great music this weekend.

Anyone who logs into the website with an account and clicks on the banner advertising the live concert, which features nearly 90 minutes of live music from the Witcher III and its expansions, on the front page before tomorrow at 3pm Pacific will receive a “copy” of the concert, which normally goes for $9.99.

In order to redeem the concert once you’re logged into the website (not the standalone client), highlight your username near the top of the page and select “Movies” from the drop-down menu that appears. You’ll be able to download the concert at various resolutions, including 4K.

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Grab A Free Concert Of Witcher III Music This Weekend

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