Survive the Deadly Jungle When Green Hell Hits Early Access on August 29th

Creepy Jar has announced that Green Hell, their super-realistic jungle survival simulator, will hit PC via Steam Early Access next month on August 29th.

Green Hell


As it was announced in May, Green Hell drops players into “the uncharted depths of the sweltering Amazon rainforest” where they must survive against the harsh environment and its wild inhabitants. On top of that, players will also need to check their bodies for parasites, infections, and wounds if they have any intention of getting out the deadly jungle alive. As for its story, not much else is known other than it being called a psychological thriller and that your character wakes up in the jungle with no memory as to why.

A brand-new Early Access can be viewed below:

The Early Access build will feature one half of the final map to explore and will have encounters with five different creatures. A sneak-peek into the game’s Story Mode will also be available which will include a fully-voiced tutorial. Future Early Access updates will add new tribal enemies, new death animations, diving and fishing mechanics, and even additional language support.

The developer, Creepy Jar, is a new Warsaw-based independent studio consisting of developers who previously worked on Dying Light and Dead Island.

Are you itching to try Green Hell when it hits Early Access on August 29th? What are you most looking forward to about the game? Leave us a comment down below.

SOURCE: Press Release