Like The Last in a Series of Fever Dreams

It seems like a new, gorgeous platformer is coming out every month, but don’t get all jaded about it. At least, not until you take a look at Gris, an upcoming platformer from Nomada and Devolver Digital. Oh dang does this game look beautiful.


Gris tells the story of a young girl dealing with terrible trauma through a magical journey. Using powers that manifest in her dress, she is able to navigate the ever-changing environment. There’s nothing in the way of pain or death to overcome, just puzzles to solve and a beautiful world to explore.


The trailer is brief (as all trailers are), but it’s enough to overwhelm the senses. I’m already enamored with the animation and the atmosphere. There isn’t quite enough gameplay shown off to get a sense of the difficulty level, but the game is described as a ‘serene and evocative’ experience. This leads me to believe Gris won’t be hard so much as heartfelt, which I’m perfectly okay with. The game has no release date just yet, but it will be playable at PAX West and Gamescom this year. You can check out the trailer in question below.

SOURCE: Press Release