GTA Online Has a New Game Mode

GTA Online currently has a new game mode available for players called “Arena War” and it involves souped up, weaponized vehicles fighting it out in Los Santos’ Maze Bank Arena. These deadly vehicles can be customized using by using the arena’s workshop and player progress can tracked by going to the Career Wall in the workshop’s office.

Arena War has seven events for players to battle each other in. Here’s a rundown of all them:

  • Carnage: A battle royale mode where weaponized vehicles fight until only one is left standing.
  • Flag War: A capture-the-flag mode involving two teams and two flags.
  • Wreck It: A race-to-the-death on a race track that’s been booby-trapped.
  • Tag Team: Each team has one member in the arena for each round fighting other players while the rest of the team use weapons to help that member out.
  • Games Master: One team has to collect checkpoints while the other team tries to stop them. Every round both teams switch places.
  • Here Come The Monsters: A team of players in massive, destructive monster trucks have to battle another team that’s driving around in smaller, speedier cars.
  • Hot Bomb: This is a deadly game of hot potato. The player that possesses a time bomb has to pass it onto another player by crashing into their vehicle.

GTA Online

If you get eliminated from a match in any of these events then you’ll still be able to hang around the arena as a spectator. Spectating players will be able to win prizes by using the Arena War Wheel.


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SOURCE: Press release