The GTA Online Modder Also Has to Pay Over $66,000 in Attorney Fees

A GTA Online modder who created a cheating software known as “Elusive”, which could allow players to troll or grief others in the online mode, was ordered on Monday by a New York district judge to pay approximately $150,000 in statutory damages to Take-Two Interactive.


The modder, whose real name is Jhonny Perez, was accused of copyright infringement by Take-Two Interactive last August due to creating & distributing the Elusive software and, according to TorrentFreak, Elusive had been sold online for prices ranging from $10 to $30.

According to the court order documents, Perez “failed to answer or otherwise defend against” Take-Two’s lawsuit and he was issued a Certificate of Default last November. Due to Perez not defending himself against this lawsuit, he “has admitted the truth of the allegations in Take-Two’s Complaint.”

Perez was also ordered by the judge to pay approximately $66,868.95 in attorney fees.


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