Is It Killzone, Horizon 2, or Something New?

The success of Horizon Zero Dawn has all but assured fans that we’ll eventually receive a sequel. Rumors abound, however, that the devs over at the Amsterdam-based studio are working on another IP, a game that will be multiplayer-focused.

After Aloy’s ascension as a flagship heroine, Guerrilla Games studio started making a few changes. First off, they received some extra funding for renovations and an extension. They built enough space to double the size of the studio, which, of course, means more manpower for more games if not a faster development timeline. Still, the team(s) hasn’t spoken a single word about the next project. However, the latest tweet from the new game director may suggest that full production has begun. On what? That’s anybody’s guess.

Simon Larouche, “Slarouche,” is one of two former-Ubisoft employees who filled lead positions at Guerrilla Games last year; he joined alongside Chris Lee. Most notably, they were chief designers on the multiplayer-focused title Rainbow Six Siege. That fact, alongside the tweet’s reference to Killzone may be a clue about what’s coming next. Nothing’s confirmed yet, so the rumor of a multiplayer-focused title should be treated as such. Check back for updates.

Do you believe Guerrilla Games is working on a new Killzone game or trying their hand at another IP? Let us know in the comments down below.

SOURCE: ResetEra