Supernatural Western

Well, partner, it’s time to saddle up and head into the darkness of the west. Today Good Shepard Entertainment and Ice Code Games are happy to announce that the open beta for their turn-based strategy game, Hard West 2, is beginning today. This sequel, to the first game of the same name, builds upon its predecessors while introducing new mechanics. Of course, a press release details all the info about the beta and the game. Additionally, a new gameplay trailer gives players a glimpse at what they can expect. 

Hard West 2 introduces players yet again to the adventures of a supernatural posse making their way through the darkness of the west. The game follows notorious outlaw, Gin Carter, on his quest to secure the big score: A Ghost Train loaded with federal gold. Of course, he’s not alone. As players make their way through the game they will learn more about the posse. Additionally, they will need to use their various skills, weapons, and more to defeat every challenge you’ll face. 

The game introduces players to tactical turn-based battles. Building on the previous title, the turn-based action remains. However, there are some new inclusions. For instance, the aggressive new Bravado system, dynamic battle levels, and more. Players can get a glimpse of this action in the new gameplay trailer. The trailer also shows off abilities, art style, and more. 

Hard West 2’s open beta is available now on Steam. The game is set to release later in 2022. So, are you ready to lead your posse to the biggest score? Or will you just be a few more bodies for the buzzards? 


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Hard West 2, Turn-Based Strategy, Open Beta Starts Today