Learn More About the Realistic Factory Game Captain of Industry

Today, MaFi Games introduced a new highly realistic factory simulator game, Captain of Industry. The new PC game allows players to build a successful self-sufficient island. The catch: the are a finite amount of resources in the game.

Captain of Industry Cover

After a global crisis wipes out everything you know, you are tasked with creating a sustainable industrial society on a deserted island. As the Captain of Industry, you must first build a lighthouse to attract refugees who will help develop and build your new land.

Players will manage their workforce population before beginning to develop the island. Players will mine resources, construct oil rigs and power plants and build farms to feed your workers.

What separates Captain of Industry from other simulator games is the realism. From the limitation of resources to long-term effects on the island’s climate and pollution levels, players will not have it easy. It will give players a taste of what constructing a truly self-sustainable society would feel like.

You can get a feel for the gameplay in the Early Access trailer below.

Players must focus on efficiency and not wasting their resources. This includes wood, coal, iron, copper and more. These resources will initially be easy to gather. However, these will get progressively harder as the readily available resources are used up. Therefore, players will need to consider the future in each decision they make.

Eventually, players can even leave the island, using a massive ship to seek out resources and citizens to bring back to your island.

Captian of Industry is currently heading towards a Beta release. It will be coming to Early Access on Steam in March 2022. What kind of Captain of Industry will you be?


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Have What it Takes to Be a Captain of Industry?