I Had Things To Do Today, Damn It

As a rule, I don’t have much time for mobile games. They’re boring, repetitive and really hard on my battery. Darkness Rises barely skirts committing all of these sins, but it also looks reeeally good for a mobile game. When did this happen?

Darkness Rises

When I say it looks good, I mean it looks like a last-gen console title. At least the character models are up to snuff. Like all good Korean MMOs, you can spend a crazy amount of time perfecting your character before sending them into the fray. I have never in my life seen this many sliders on a mobile release.


This all happened because the devs released an enormous update for the game this month. There’s a new boss, which I’ll likely never see, and new costumes to collect. I’ll probably have to delete the game shortly after writing this, lest my battery cook like a fish in a microwave. It’s either that or I get used to my phone dying shortly after I get to work as I feverishly toil to get every outfit in the entire game. You can grab Darkness Rises for either Android or iOS right this second.

SOURCE: Press Release

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Help, I Downloaded Darkness Rises