Cavill Was Living and Breathing The Witcher Before He Was Even Cast

It is well-known and very true that Henry Cavill loves The Witcher. However, a recent interview from French magazine Premiere revealed just how much Cavill loves the Witcher franchise. It seems he was more or less living and breathing the games and the books before he was even cast:

Witcher story witcher franchise

I discovered the games, then I discovered the books, and the universe of The Witcher instantly meant something to me. I often thought about playing Geralt. When the opportunity appeared, I didn’t let the chance pass me. I asked my agent to make me meet Lauren as soon as possible… I didn’t even have the need to prepare myself for the role. Because I breathe, I live this universe every day. I already got numerous opportunities to think about this character while I was playing the games. My preparation was already made before the casting started!


As I’ve mentioned before, even I haven’t read those books, and I love The Witcher a lot. If nothing else, this bodes well for the Netflix series, whenever it actually airs. You can more translated sections of the interview in question here.


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Henry Cavill Discusses His Love For Witcher Franchise