The names for Mega Man X bosses all stick to a pretty consistent format – except for Mega Man X5’s in North America. You can read the full story here, but the short version is that the game’s localizer, Erik Suzuki, decided to try something different while translating Mega Man X5 and made its boss names assorted Guns N’ Roses references. For the release of Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2, Capcom decided to undo that decision and give X5’s bosses names that are closer to the familiar format.

Here are the boss name changes that have been made for X5’s re-release.

Grizzly Slash has become Crescent Grizzly.

Duff McWhalen has become Tidal Whale (a downgrade in my opinion).

Squid Adler has become Volt Kraken.

Izzy Glow has become Shining Firefly.

Dark Dizzy has become Dark Necrobat.

The Skiver has become Spiral Pegasus.

Mattrex has become Burn Dinorex (an upgrade in my opinion).

And finally, Axle the Red has become Spike Rosered.

So there you have it! Mega Man X5’s boss names will now officially be closer to their Japanese counterparts.

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Here Are Mega Man X5’s New Retconned Boss Names In Legacy Collection 2