The Difference between Polish and Hilarity

While the new God of War survives as a perfect game in the minds of many, that didn’t happen magically. It’s easy to forget that Sony Santa Monica overcame quite a few hurdles to make the game feel and play smoothly. Today, PlayStation decided to give us a picture of the bug-infested experience that could have been.

god of war top 1

Small font notwithstanding, God of War is immaculate in nearly every way, as our review will attest. Prior to release, however, it suffered from the kind of glitches that would have left players skewering the Cory Barlog alive. You can see what I’m talking about in the newly released video (available below), which is full of immersion-breaking bugs. Once the game breaks, however, hilarity ensues.


There are moments where Kratos turns into a statue, Atreus becomes a poltergeist, and there’s a bizarre dance-off with Baldur. If you played the game, you would never imagine this kind of issues. Warning: potential spoilers ahead.

Of course, since Sony Santa Monica developed such a successful game, they can look back on their hiccups without insecurity. These days, so many published games are riddled with glitches and awkward bugs, we practically expect them. God of War’s level of polish almost seemed new, which is why it’s easy to forget that the devs had to power through some silly things. Thankfully, they decided to make that silliness public.

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