Human: Fall Flat console players will get a chance to play the spooky Dark level that PC players have had for several months now, and you better believe I’m excited. The free update is planned for April 16 on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch along with 13 new customization items for our blobby boys.

As Curve Digital’s Michael Robinson notes on the PlayStation Blog, the inspiration for the Dark level stems from “horror movies like the Universal Classic Monsters” as well as all-time favorites like Beetlejuice and A Nightmare Before Christmas. No Brakes Games originally set out to make a stage as big as Human: Fall Flat‘s final level, Aztec, but this “ended up being much larger.”

This has become one of my co-op titles of choice due to its open-ended structure and potential for low-stakes goofing off, and I speak for the whole household when I say we need it asap. The Dark level is just the “first big free 2019 update” for Human: Fall Flat, so it’s not done growing yet.

The game regularly goes on sale, so if you ever see it pop up, strongly consider getting it.

Human: Fall Flat's free Dark level comes to consoles on April 16 screenshot

Human: Fall Flat’s free Dark level comes to consoles on April 16