Cross-Play Is Always a Nice Touch

Crytek, the developers of Hunt: Showdown will be adding a ton of new features in an up and coming update. Solo mode and cross-play will both be making an appearance in the game as well as new matchmaking, more Legendary Hunters, and new weapons and other equipment. While the weapons and other items are always great to see, it is the cross-play that is really going to change the game.

Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown players will now be able to play with one another regardless of what console you are on. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will now be able to seamlessly game together. This is a big step for Crytek. Cross-play has soared in popularity over the past year and it looks like developers of large multiplayer games are going to have to have this feature if they want to remain competitive.

Solo mode will also be making its debut. This mode will be entirely PvE for those who do not wish to play with other human-controlled characters. Hunt: Showdown did not have the launch that it wanted and many attribute that to its relative lack in content. Hopefully, this massive update will turn things around for the title.


The game was in early access as far back as 2018 on Steam. From there is gained a substantial following. However, it did not translate in a big way on launch day. The player base has grown since then, but not to the numbers that Crytek would like. While some do not appreciate developers releasing a game that is “half-finished” or lacking content, updates can and sometimes do fix those issues. Showdown is a perfect example.

Hunt: Showdown is currently available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.