It may not be an exact replica of Kaneda’s bike from Akira, but this user-made livery for The Crew 2 is good enough for me. I think it captures the spirit of the design; my imagination can do the rest.

I’m at the point now in the open-world racer where I don’t particularly want to bother beating every single event or grinding for vehicle parts when I could just as easily be out there on a road trip without a care in the world. That’s my favorite aspect, by far — just hitting the road and only making pit stops when I see something interesting off the beaten path or encounter other like-minded players.

You know what makes road trips better in The Crew 2? Driving a cool-looking ride. I haven’t tried to create my own designs yet, but I have been regularly looking out for neat player-made liveries these past couple weeks. Tonight, I found one that I immediately had to track down in the game.

I can't see myself ditching this Akira livery in The Crew 2 screenshot

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I can’t see myself ditching this Akira livery in The Crew 2