Insomniac Gets Right Back At It Again

Spider-Man’s faux twitter has been a fan favorite feature of the game, and its developer, Insomniac Games, may be using it to tease an imminent announcement.

Yesterday, Game Informer Editor Imran Khan posted the above screenshot in which Insomniac CEO Ted Price tweets (or whatever it’s called on this platform) that the developer “is announcing a new game next week?” Question mark, indeed.

The post could be referring to an incoming announcement at the Tokyo Game Show, which kicks off this coming Thursday, September 20th and runs until Sunday the 23rd. Alternatively, if the post is referring to a week from when the post was seen (yesterday), it’ll come shortly after TGS. Whatever it is I’m sure that after the success of Spider-Man, fans and investors everywhere are foaming at the mouth to see what Insomniac has up their sleeve.

Insomniac's Spider-Man
How I picture everyone reading this article right now.

Also I think it’s worth mentioning that, since this tease is coming through a PlayStation exclusive title, it’s highly unlikely that the announcement will be Sunset Overdrive 2. I know, I’m heartbroken too, but I’m going to try and keep expectations reasonable, or safe, like a new Ratchet and Clank title. Inversely, Insomniac has said that they’d love to make Sunset Overdrive 2, but are in need of a publisher. Could a sequel be multiplatform, or even more shockingly, become a PS4 exclusive for some reason? Only time will tell. But probably not.


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SOURCE: Game Informer