Surprises “Big and Small” Await

It seems the closer we get to September, the more people want to talk about Spider-Man. Developer Insomniac’s concern is that people, content creators specifically, will do a lot more than talk.

Spider-Man Familiar Image

In a recent tweet, Insomniac Community Director James Stevenson warned fans about potential spoilers in the day’s leading up to and following Spider-Man’s official launch date. Specifically, he teased surprises both “big and small” in the single-player mode. Since preemptive knowledge of story information can negatively affect a unique playthrough, the developer, understandably fears their premature publication. In other words, don’t be a jerk and spoil the story for everyone else.

Stevenson added that any content streamed prior to September 7th will face “rapid and merciless takedown.” It seems all content creators, YouTuber, Streamer, online publication and so forth must abide by the same guidelines. While the Spider-Man embargo will end on September 4th, the embargo on spoilers will remain unofficially indefinite. In a reply to one user, Stevenson hinted that video thumbnails with spoilers will also be taken down.

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Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Twitter