Intel has been Teasing a Big Announcement for September 2

There have been numerous reports that Intel has been sending out press invitations for a mysterious event this September. The invites tease that there will be an announcement for “something big”, but little else is known. The expectation is for a new hardware release.

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The most likely announcement is for Tiger Lake as CEO Bob Swan has confirmed that it was scheduled to be released this Summer. Intel has already previewed the new 11th generation CPU called Tiger Lake at the 2020 CES Conference. In addition, several computer makers have already stated that they will be incorporating this new processor in their upcoming computers. Thus, it seems likely that the big announcement will be to debut the new technology.

Tiger Lake is much anticipated in the gaming community as its preview at CES demonstrated its ability to handle processing-heavy games on thin and light laptops. A summary of the information released at CES 2020 by Intel is summarized in the video below, which is worth watching for the long hair enthusiastic AI guy alone (starting around 5 minutes). The video game demo starts around 7 minutes and features a very thin computer playing Warframe. Their goal is to bring HD performance gaming to notebook users by doubling graphic performance with Tiger Lake and Xe architecture.

The Tiger Lake chips are built on Intel’s Xe architecture, which promises to increase graphics processing in prowess to sub-25W PCs. It has been leaked that Intel’s Xe graphics platform outcompeted NVIDIA’s MX350 chip. Officially, Intel has said that the new chips will deliver double-digit gains in performance, a massive jump in AI performance, and a “huge leap in graphics”.

The announcement was originally planned for Computex, which has been cancelled due to Covid 19. Now, the event will take place online September 2, 2020.


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Intel to Announce “Something Big” in September 2020

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