“Never Surrender the Braveness”

Usually, in a post-apocalyptic scenario, the hero fights to take back the world in order to restore humanity. While that’s good and all, in Dead or School, our heroine Hisako fights to go to a mystical place known only as “school”. Originally released in 2017, Dead or School is a Japanese side-scroller where Hisako battles zombies and monsters in the subways and streets of Tokyo. She was raised in a world lost to the undead and only knows the world through her grandmother’s stories. Hisako dons her grandmother’s school uniform and fights to take back the Earth and go to school!

Dead or School

Dead or School was only released in Japan on PS4 and Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, but apparently it was recently seen on Amazon.co.uk. Though no official announcement has been made that it will be coming the the West, we are hopeful. The description that accompanied this sighting on Amazon UK is completely different from what we see on Steam, so even if it is fake, jokes on them; they put in like 20 minutes of work.

Dead or School looks pretty cool, but the only problem is it is so funny that I cannot tell if it’s intentional or not, which is a good problem to have. It is also kind of like the softcore porn version of a hentai game; there are heavy undertones of monster hentai without showing stuff you would normally need a credit card to see. Dead or School is available in Japan on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but you can get it on Steam. Hopefully, it will be available on consoles in the West soon.

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Japanese Side-Scroller Dead or School May Be Coming to the West