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So, it is a bit funny how things have come full circle…in a roundabout way.” A couple of days ago, a MCC development update was posted on Halo Waypoint. It all has to do with work on Halo 3. It starts off with boring stuff about audio differences between the launch edition and the newest updates. Then we get into some of the cool stuff: the Acrophobia Skull. Acrophobia is the (ir)rational fear of heights and the skull enables a jetpack function. Because it is a skull, the jetpack will only be usable in the campaign.

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The jetpack was originally a feature made for the very first Halo game, but was scraped. Many years later, the jetpack found its way back into the Halo franchise in Halo: Reach. Now, with the Halo: Reach jetpack sound effects, it is usable in Halo 3. Simply jump and jump again to enable flight. This will allow players to fly to new vantage points and hard to reach spaces. A short demo of this skull was shown by Kornner Studios. It shows a player during the Tsavo Highway mission. They fly to a sniper nest and then hover around in close to give those jetpack Brutes a taste of their own medicine.

There are a ton of other improvements being made to the Master Chief Collection in this development update, but none quite as cool as the Acrophobia Skull. It is not mentioned where a player would be able to pick up the skull, just how it functions, and that’s good enough for now. Halo: Master Chief Collection is out now on PC and Xbox One. In other Master Chief Collection news, Firefight is being added to Halo 3: ODST.

Will you be making use of this jetpack? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Halo Waypoint

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Jetpacks Added to Halo 3 Campaign in Master Chief Collection

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