Derek Kolstad Hired by Constantin Film to Write Film Adaptation of ‘Just Cause’

Derek Kolstad is renown for creating and writing the extremely popular John Wick trilogy. While John Wick may have gone from Movie star to video game star, Kolstad’s next project will do the opposite. Kolstad is now going to adapt the action-adventure video game ‘Just Cause’ into a Hollywood movie. Constantin Film is partnering with Prime Universe Films to produce the first movie in what they hope will kickstart a massive franchise.

Just Cause 4

We can expect the story will follow the general blueprint set forth by the video games. Just Cause draws on the events from the 1989 invasion of Panama by the United States, codenamed Operation Just Cause. The film will follow the main protagonist Rico Rodrigues as he works against the shady dealings of a mercenary group called the Black Hand.

This is not Constantin Film’s first foray into video game adaptation. The studio’s producer is Robert Kulzer who previously was involved with creating the extremely profitable Resident Evil franchise. Kulzer will utilize this experience in order to help successfully create the Just Cause movie. Prime Universe Films has also chosen a producer with similar experience. Adrian Askarieh will produce the motion picture with Kolstad and Kulzer, adding his experiences from the Hitman movies.

Seeing as Detective Pikachu has found success in the box office, it comes as no surprise that other film studios want to adapt video games.

The studio expects to quickly hire a director and star and are projecting 2020 as a start date.

Are you excited for a Just Cause movie? Is Derek Kolstad the correct person to write the script? Who do you think should play Rico Rodrigues? Let us know in the comments section below!