Jump Force Launches on Friday

Jump Force will come out on Friday, February 15th, and an epic launch trailer for the game dropped on Monday. You can view this trailer in the YouTube video below.

If you’d like to learn some more about Jump Force then you you read our hands-on preview of the game.

“Despite a few minor kinks (like a laggy start in some online battles), Jump Force is unlikely to disappoint,” the preview’s author wrote. “The characters and battles are very well done with spectacular visuals, graphics, and sound effects, and for a beta test it is very impressive. Because of this, I don’t believe Jump Force is a money grab. Sure, the alliance of Jump characters is the selling point of the game, but I trust Bandai Namco will not give us something made half-heartedly.”

jump force

“The accuracy of the characters’ personalities in the few short exchanges made before and after a fight felt authentic with the voices loyal to the Japanese anime,” the author also wrote. “It gave the characters their personality and made the game feel more familiar – Ichigo with his determination, Naruto with his headstrong naivete, and Frieza with his presumptuous attitude.”


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Jump Force Gets a Stellar Launch Trailer