It Looks so Peaceful…

Back when Square Enix revealed the first trailer for Just Cause 4, they gave us close shots of the high-octane action. It was everything we’ve come to expect from the franchise and more. But if the first trailer was about action, the next is about scope.

just cause 4 screen 2

Just Cause 4 will let take players across a variety of ecospheres, from lush jungle to tundra. How you navigate is up to you, with a full array of vehicles and the glider available. Video game developer Avalanche has evidently been hard at work to bring us the biggest open world of the franchise. It’s a digital playground of destructive potential and gorgeous scenery, which the new footage captures pretty damn well in 4K.

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As the name suggests, the new trailer is all about the panoramic scenes. It’s also an immaculate showcase of the dynamic weather system, the day/night cycle, and the diverse set of in-game locations. Feast your eyes on the 4K feast.

The last trailer for Just Cause 4 showcased the narrative, which is itself a relentless force that keeps coming back. Unsurprisingly, everyone who plays the game has a different objective. What’s yours?

Just Cause 4 will arrive for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on December 4th. Remember to play on your widest screen.