Katana Zero Video Review – Slow Motion Symphony

Katana Zero is a 2D action platformer video game developed by Askiisoft and published by Devolver Digital. That kind of description, however, says almost nothing about the game itself. Steam calling it a  “stylish neo-noir, action-platformer featuring breakneck action and instant-death combat” does a little better to help players figure out whether or not they want to give the game a chance. There’s nothing better, though, than a good old-fashioned video review to help one decide. After all, video reviews date back to the time of the caveman, right? A technology woolly mammoths enjoyed has to work.

We said in our written review, “Immersion, in this case, is almost involuntary. To play is to be absorbed in the violent rhythms and the savage beauty. To play is also to be wound up like a rusted coil, acid flooding your guts with every sudden failure. I’m rarely swung so heavy between elation and pain in so short a time. The challenge is undeniable. There were so many moments where I was convinced I could go no further, only to stumble into success. Your focus can’t let up, yet you’re sucked in at every turn by the brutal glamour on display. The cycle of soaring victory and crushing defeat pulls you ahead, blind to your deepening exhaustion. Katana Zero kicked me into a bloody pulp, but I’m compelled to continue regardless. If not for the challenge, then for my raw hunger to soak in every scrap of this exceptional story. Don’t sleep on this one, friends.” There’s hardly higher praise than that.

Katana Zero

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