Kingdom Hearts 3 Video Review

Thirteen years have passed since the release of Kingdom Hearts 2, and the wait for the next main installment was well worth it. While various spin-offs and remasters have been released ever since they haven’t satisfied our craving for another true sequel. With the evolution of gaming in the past decade, we were overjoyed that the Kingdom Hearts formula still stands the test of time. To see the Disney magic we captured on camera, check out our full video review below, and be sure to take a look at our official written review here.

Kingdom Hearts 3 picks up where the confusing, convoluted storyline dropped off after the previous spin-off games, and you’re better off approaching the game with a grain of salt. The first few hours of the game try to explain where the story left off, but most of it will be indiscernible nonsense unless you’ve followed the plot closely. The real glory of Kingdom Hearts 3 is its beautiful character animation and whimsical worlds. While the voice acting as a whole leaves much to be desired, the characters look and act true to their original films, and there are nostalgic recreations of certain iconic Disney scenes.

Each world has its own unique details such as Hercules and Phil-themed figurines scattered in little corners around Olympus or Flynn Rider’s “Wanted” posters hanging around the Kingdom of Corona, and there is also a beautiful and original musical score for each land. The combat attacks are smooth as ever, with special moves and team-based abilities being lined up in a continuous queue mapped to the same button for maximum flow.

kingdom hearts 3 hercules 3

Overall, Kingdom Hearts 3 features a bit of poor voice acting, an unnecessary amount of tutorial texts and over-explaining, and the plot is needlessly confusing and complicated, but it’s still genuinely fun and incredibly beautiful. The combat is exciting and over-the-top, and the humorous dialogue had us laughing out loud at times. Thirteen years later, Kingdom Hearts 3 feels exactly like home.

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