Of Course He’s Joking, Right?

Hideo Kojima is synonymous with eccentricity within the games industry. Fans expect a certain level of unusual behavior from the legendary developer by this point. So when Kojima jokes about the newest Death Stranding trailer being 49 minutes long, it’s quite possible he’s not joking at all.

death stranding kojima jokes

The trailer in question will be shown at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. There’s no actual evidence he’s dropping an hour’s worth of footage, though the replies on the Twitter post suggest otherwise. This does seem like the sort of crazy antics Kojima would actually get up to, especially so close to Death Stranding’s release.


It’s probably not a 49-minute trailer though, let’s be honest. That would be rad as all get out, but there’s probably other games being shown at this event. At least three or four of them, if my guesses are correct. This year’s Tokyo Game Show takes place between September 12th and September 15th. Death Stranding will be coming to PS4 on November 8th, 2019.


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Kojima Jokes About 49 Minute Death Stranding Trailer