Kustom Kontrollerz Has Revealed Epic Custom Spider-Man and Venom PS4 Controllers

Just last month Sony announced their brand new Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundle, set to launch alongside the game come September. Now, if you’re not quite set on the idea of buying a PS4 Pro to get your hands on the custom console and controller, Kustom Kontrollerz has just unveiled some badass custom Spider-Man and Venom controllers for the PS4!



While the artist Vittorio, part of the #TeamKustomX, came up with the black and white Venom design which feels a bit like a take on the upcoming Venom film, you’ll notice that the concept art shown for the Spider-Man controller screams a lot more of good ‘ol spidey than Sony’s recent reveal did with a splash of blue coming into play. You can check out both designs, which were unveiled on the official Kustom Kontrollerz Twitter, below.



If you find yourself somewhere in the middle between these two amazingly sleek controllers, or you’re really torn between which team you want to cheer for while you play through your library of games, it seems Kustom Kontrollerz may have you covered. Following the reveal of both the Spider-Man and Venom controllers, Kustom Kontrollerz confirmed that they are currently working on a “half and half” model which will feature both characters on the same controller.

Though no release date or price point have been given for either controller, fingers crossed that both will be available before Spider-Man launches for the PS4 and PS4 Pro in less than a month, on September 7th. What are your thoughts about these two new controllers? Which style do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!