Last Year: The Nightmare Gets New Grisly Trailer

Earlier this year we told you about a horror game that was making some waves in the indie gaming scene. That game is called ‘Last Year: The Nightmare’ and is a co-op horror game. Today, the game received a new official trailer and let’s just say, it looks like a bloody gory good time. Check it out:

Last Year: The Nightmare is a 6-player cooperative action horror game where five high schoolers try to escape from a deadly, player-controlled supernatural killer on Halloween night in 1996. It was originally scheduled to be released this past summer but no official release date has been given quite yet.


From the official press release, the game takes place on Halloween night, 1996. “A group of teenagers awake to find themselves trapped in a dark, twisted reflection of their sleepy hometown of Forest Hills. As they make their way across the East Side High School campus, they realize they are being hunted by a supernatural force taking the forms of fearsome killers. Relentlessly pursued, the teens must band together to fight back, survive, and escape the terrifying anomaly they have come to know as The Nightmare.”


For more information on Last Year: The Nightmare, visit and join the official Discord server at You can also follow the social feeds on Twitter at @LastYearGame and Facebook at

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Source: Press Release