Weddings and Zombies Are Like Peas And Carrots, Right?

Judging by the most recent screenshots from Days Gone, there’s going to be a wedding! Presumably, we’re all invited. Make sure your outfit can comfortably fit a sawed-off shotgun and a rugged-yet-tasteful axe holster. Nothing completes a good wedding ceremony like zombies, after all.

Days Gone Holy Matrimony

I’ll freely admit my knowledge of the narrative is somewhat lacking. Can’t help but feel a bit nervous though. Is this game opening with a real-ass wedding ceremony? Is that bride going to die by zombie bite, raider bullet or tragically mundane illness? Will she die at the wedding or the day before? Does anyone believe this is going to end well?


Doom and gloom aside, the screenshots themselves could be right out of any couple’s actual engagement announcement. The composition and the lighting are all heavy with holy matrimony energy from top to bottom. All that’s missing is a close-up shot of the wedding rings set beside some tasteful bit of decor from the reception itself. It’s too dang real, in other words. Makes you even sadder that this woman is almost certainly going to end up as part of Deacon’s tragic backstory. Days Gone is coming to PS4 on April 26th.


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Latest Days Gone Screens Loaded With Holy Matrimony