Get Your Hands on the Proximity Grenade Launcher!

Epic Games is rolling out another update for Fortnite, Patch 9.21. Despite being in the midst of the spectacle that is E3, the new patch is already live on Xbox One, PS4, mobile and PC. The update adds in a new grenade launcher as well as two limited-time game modes.

Fortnite Respawning

The Proximity Granade Launcher fires an “arcing, bouncing, explosive projectile” that, as the name suggests, detonates when it is close to another player. The launcher is available in Epic and Legendary varieties and is found in chests, supply drops, vending machines or loot carriers. Predictably, the gun uses rocket ammo and only has a capacity of two rounds.

Some balancing tweaks are also added to the game with Patch 9.21. The Storm Flip now deals flat damage instead of being based on the current storm phase. Additionally, the availability of the Mounted Turret and common variants of the Heavy Assault Rife is now decreased.

Two new game modes have also been added. The first is the low gravity One Shot Duos where players have only 50 health, only snipers spawn and the only healing item are bandages. The second mode is Horde Rush, which drops four-player squads on the island in order to defender against waves of Fortnite Fiends. It is sort of like a Fortnite meets the Call of Duty Zombies feature.

You can find full patch notes here.

What do you think of the latest update to Fortnite? Are you ready to kick some Fortnite Fiend ass?