The Prime Evil Is Returning Earlier Than Anticipated

An article from French news publication Le Monde claims that Blizzard has shown Diablo 4 to employees in Paris. The company is still reeling after employees began leaving the company at alarming rates. A translated version of the article reads:

“What about the future? The Blizzard Entertainment trams have already had the right o a presentation of the highly anticipated Diablo 4 and know that a new Overwatch is in the pipes. But none will come out before 2020, at best, and the employees of Versailles do not know if they will see the color. ‘Activision Blizzard will make less money, but still make a lot of money,’ said a veteran.”

Diablo III: Eternal Collection

Some of this news is not a shock. It was reported in March that Blizzard was going to face a negative impact from job cuts.

Popular YouTube analyst Rhykker speculates the recent job cuts are the reason this information is getting leaked. In his recent video, Rhykker says “So it seems that as things have been going poorly at blizzard in recent months, more and more former and current employees have been willing to risk their careers to come out and speak, to divulge information that they shouldn’t be.”

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