Controversial Because It’s Totally Rad, You See

A leaked ending video (now sadly taken down) briefly appeared online. Said video showed off Jax’s ending in Mortal Kombat 11. Said ending is supposedly controversial, although taking this stance requires adapting some troubling viewpoints about American slavery. Also, there’s time travel and historic revisionism!

Jax leaked ending mortal kombat 11

Okay, so the gist is this: Jax obtains the power of time travel, one he’s warned is too powerful to mess with. However, after a moment’s consideration he realizes it’s his duty to use this power for the greater good. Thus, Jax goes back in time and makes it so slavery never happened. So it’s controversial if you’re like, adamant that slavery should be a thing.


Honestly though, this is the superior way to use time travel powers. Everyone says kill Hitler, but that doesn’t address the systemic issues and the complex sociopolitical climate that made a Hitler in the first place. Jax doesn’t just kill one nasty dude, he works so that slavery doesn’t exist anymore. He even does so knowing that it might rewrite his life in an irreversibly terrible way. He’s willing to accept these consequences, just so long as oppressed people the world over are saved. It’s a pretty badass move. Mortal Kombat 11 is out tomorrow for PS4, Xbox One, the PC and the Nintendo Switch.


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