Yup, Those Are Definitely People Playing Soccer!

Update (1:28 PM ET): It appears that the leaked FIFA 19 video is no longer available. The story has been updated to reflect this.

Original Story:

Recently, some leaked gameplay of a match in FIFA 19 was posted on the FIFA subreddit. The leaked gameplay video itself is no longer available in the subreddit thread but it can most likely be found elsewhere.

FIFA 19 featured

In the video, we see Manchester United playing against their rivals (and this year’s defending champs in the Premier League), Manchester City.

Notably, both teams are playing in a UEFA Europa League match in Germany’s Borussia-Park. The loading screens that appear before the match starts have detailed descriptions about the game’s “active touch system” along with the “dynamic tactics” and “timed finishing” mechanics.

As for the match itself, well, it’s definitely soccer! Players run with the ball and pass it around until a player on their team gets a good chance to score a goal.


However, the subreddit users who watched the gameplay didn’t seem all that impressed with this upcoming entry in the FIFA series.

“Couldn’t tell difference between 18 and 19 from the gameplay,” posted one user. “The menus and official competition interface is nice though.”

“Fifa 18 with just recoloured menus,” wrote another.


We’re certainly more optimistic about FIFA 19 but we’d also like to know what you think of this leaked gameplay. Share your thoughts in the comments section!

FIFA 19 is scheduled to come out on September 28th for the PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.


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Leaked FIFA 19 Gameplay Shows a Whole Lot of Soccer