Dataminers Found Evidence that Broly is Coming to DBZ: Kakarot

According to recent datamining, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will be getting the infamous fighter, Broly, in upcoming DLC. Multiple gamers have found there’s some game code that suggests the game is getting DLC that features Broly and other content from the original DBZ movies. Currently, the strong villain isn’t in the game but multiple characters have dialogue that includes his name in it and the dialogue is part of the game files already. DBZ: Kakarot is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Alongside a conversation from Mr. Satan’s daughter, Videl, dataminer SaitsuMD stated on Twitter that, “Somone on Reddit leaked the fact that Broly was mentioned in the game files, but didn’t give any source to which file… So I went into the game files to confirm it myself. If anyone doubts me, the file is messageData.uexp.” The file sharing has commenced on the online DBZ community and the proof seems to indicate that there’s a strong possibility that Broly will come to the game in future DLC.


“You know I’m Mr. Satan’s daughter, right?” says Videl in the recently leaked dialogue from DBZ: Kakarot which seems to confirm Broly’s existence in the game. “Hope you’re ready! If only we could use the Dragon Balls to take Broly down.” There are other examples of dataminers finding evidence of Broly DLC coming to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot soon. We hope this means more of the movie content will be explored in the recently released Bandai Namco DBZ RPG. Although the game focuses on re-living the original series’ story, an inclusion of the film lore would further establish it as an essential Dragon Ball Z game for fans of the series.

Are you a fan of Broly who would like to see the character come to DBZ: Kakarot? Who’s your favorite DBZ fighter? Let us know in the comments below!

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Leaks Suggest Broly Coming to DBZ: Kakarot